Top 5 iTunes DRM Removal Software

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Do you have a lot of audio and video files purchased from iTunes but not being able to play it elsewhere because of the DRM protection?

You are not alone. There are tools that are legal to use which you can make use of to remove the DRM protection and convert the files to a generic format that can be played in other devices too.

itunes drm removal software

Below are some of the top 5 programs that can serve the purpose of DRM conversion as well as conversion to a generic format. They can be used in Windows and Mac and the output files can be used in portable devices like HTC, Samsung, Xbox 360, PSP, Motorola, and Android etc. You can choose the software that is most suitable for you and use it.

Top 5 iTunes DRM Removal Software

Aimersoft DRM Media Converter

Aimersoft DRM Converter is one of the most popular softwares used to remove DRM protected files.

Top Features

  • Can be used on “Fairplay” for iTunes as well as “Play for Sure” for Windows Media.
  • It not only converts DRM protected audio to audio but also video to audio and video to video conversion features.
  • Performs the conversion with super speed of 10X and possesses a high-end ID3 well reserved.
  • Provides 24-hour customer care support on all days of the week and lifetime self-upgradability.

However, it is compatible only on windows computers. Also requires Windows Media Player or iTunes installed.

Download Aimersoft DRM Media Converter 

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version


myFairTunes is an iTunes DRM removing software that can convert iTunes protected M4P music files to DRM-free MP3 that can be used for playing on any MP3 players.

Top Features

  • Performs the conversion with a good speed
  • Converts iTunes protected M4P music files to MP3 format
  • Free to use
  • The file size is only 375KB and can be used for low-end computer systems.

However, this program cannot be used for M4V files. It cannot be used with iTunes versions that are greater than 7.5.0. If you still want to use it, you will have to downgrade your iTunes application.

Download myFairTunes: Click Here


ShareDRMusic is DRM Removal software that can convert both protected and unprotected audio files to the required format.

Top Features

  • Has a free trial period that can be upgraded later
  • A wide range of output formats are supported which can be played on various portable players.

However, when you buy the software it is a bit expensive. It is only for audio files and does not work for videos. The conversion list of files has to be done manually. Some of the missing formats are .aac,.ape, .ogg, aiff, ac3, mka, .flac, etc. Also occupies a lot of space making it difficult to run multiple programs while using it.

Download ShareDRMusic: Click Here


QTFairUse is a freeware for Windows that can be used for DRM removal and conversion from iTunes M4P to unprotected M4A to be played on Apple devices.

Top Features

  • Drag and drop option available for batch conversions
  • Converts M4P format files
  • It is free to use

The drawbacks however is that there are no settings to choose the music quality, output file size etc. It cannot convert video files. The current version can be used with iTunes 7.5.0 and older versions. The interface is not very user-friendly.

Download QTFairUse: Click Here


FairGame is a free iTunes music DRM removal program for your Mac. It allows you to remove DRM protection from iTunes purchased and protected AAC music files and converts them to unprotected AAC files.

Top Features

  • You can include all tagging information like title, lyrics etc.

However, you can use it only with Mac OS X v10.4.8, iTunes 7.0.1 and iMovie HD 6.0.3 and versions below that. So it can’t be used with latest Mac devices.

Download FairGame: Click Here

To convert iTunes M4P to desired format for free, the above iTunes DRM removal programs are good choices. However, based on the advantages and disadvantages, you will have to choose the best option for you depending on your needs.

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