Top 5 Spotify Ripper Reviews

Want to rip Spotify music to MP3 (320kbps) files so that you can play streaming music offline on your phone or other music players?

If you have tried download Spotify with some of the online downloading sites, you will find out none of them is working.

Why? Because Spotify has updated the encryption techniques of music files. Downloading music from Spotify directly becomes hard and hard. 

Here I will introduce the top 5 Spotify ripper tools that using the recording technology to get online music to local MP3 files.


No.1 Cinch Audio Recorder (The best one)

Download Windows version Download MAC version

You might wonder why this is the best one, what’s the difference between this one and other recording tools. You will like it if you check out these great features as below:

1. Save music from any streaming music included Spotify to .mp3 files

This is a basic function being a “Spotify ripper”. It supported any online streaming music like Soundcloud, Apple Music, Google Music…. With just 1 click, it will record playlist and save music as .mp3 (320Kbp/s) separately. You can even record music as lossless WAV (super quality)


2. 100% accuracy of the ID3 tagger

This ID3 tagger is so great, I guess no one can beat it. I have been testing other tools around and this is the best one. Other tools’ accuracy is from 10%  to 30%.

3.  Silent recording

This recorder adapted  CAC Technology which directly records the music from the core audio. What’s this mean? It means you don’t have to turn the volume to the maximum during the recording process in order to get the maximum volume for recorded songs. This new technology allows you to record music (with muted sound) in the library. 

4. ADs removal

If you play Spotify with the free account, you will hear the short ads that start after playing a song. When you record a Spotify playlist, the ADs will be recorded, too.  This tool will remove those annoying ads automatically. 

5. Ringtone maker

This feature is beyond being a Spotify ripper, but it still useful when you want to make a ringtone from a recorded music. Just cutting certain part of the music and save it as ringtone file.


Popular Online Music Sites Supported

streaming recorder

Download Windows version Download MAC version


No.2 Audials Tunebite 2017 Premium

The program will save online music like Spotify in MP3, WMA or AAC format. Of course, This works not only with Spotify but many other streaming platforms like Deezer, Amazon, Napster, Apple Music… As a music lover, you want to add new videos and audio to your collection. Whichever genre interests you, Audials Tunebite lets you explore music and save it with just one click.

Want faster recording speed? This great software can record music streaming from Spotify with double speed. That’s powerful recording software, right? But that’s not all. Here’s the best part – the program automatically downloads music from Spotify, adds ID3 tags (song title, artist, album etc.), cover art and song lyrics to your files (with desired file name). I also really love the fade effect that you can add to your recordings.

Moreover, if you are a fan of audiobooks, Audials Tunebite offer an audiobook mode that allows you to convert audiobook to .mp3 files easily (at double speed, of course.). 


No. 3 Leawo Music Recorder

As the program name indicated it’s a desktop application for recording online music. You can surely record Spotify music with any recording software but you have to manually click start recording button and click it again when a song is finished. If you want to record hundreds of songs then it’s a waste of time. The good news is this recorder will do that all automatically for you. When you configure the settings right, you can leave your computer and let it do the rest of the job for you.

Download Windows version Download MAC version

Leawo Music Recorder

Check its great features:

  • It will start recording and split the tracks automatically
  • AD remover – you will get commercial AD between every two songs on Spotify. It can intelligently filter out all the ads which are played during the recording process. You simply have to do the settings and the rest is done by the recorder.
  • It allows burning CDs easily, selects your favorite Recorded Music and the burning programs will help to a personal audio CDs for you.
  • The audio recorder can also record various online audio to MP3 (*.mp3) or M4A (*.m4a), which are fully compatible with a variety of devices.
  • Support other online music sites like Grooveshark


No.4 Replay Music

Replay Music is an easy-to-use recording software that has the same mp3 quality as what you played from Spotify playlists. Another key feature is naming and sorting of files automatically. It costs around $15USD to get the full version. (Only Windows version)

 repaly music


No. 5 Open source programs

I have found out several open source programs do Spotify ripping job. But I haven’t tested these myself. 

Update on Feb. 21.2017:  Spotify has updated file encryption technology that means all Spotify downloader tools (copy Spotify song’s URLs and download it as mp3) are NOT working anymore. Now, the only way to get Spotify music is working with a recording method.

Projects for Linux/OSX:

Projects for Windows:

It adopts an old-fashioned way to record the Spotify music via the sound card just like pressing down the record button on a tape cassette. It would take a long long time to finish the job.

Not working anymore

  1. Wondershare Streaming recorder 
  2. Spotify ripper

Spotify Ripper has an obvious name for ripping Spotify. It is a Swedish software program and its purpose for downloading music or songs from Spotify. It doesn’t say it’s compatible with all sound cards and there isn’t a list of compatible hardware so you need to try it and check whether it works for your computer. This program is in beta 0.1.1 indicating that it’s not that stable as other commercial software programs and there may exist some bugs. When you rip music from Spotify it searches the name of the song from Spotify and names the files accordingly. The quality of the ripped mp3 files is set to 128kbit/s.



Others: Online ripping sites

There are many alternatives to convert Spotify to MP3.  However, you have to link your personal Spotify account through the site. I personally think that it’s not a safe way to do even though you don’t need to install any software on your computer.

5 Responses

  1. I used Cinch a few weeks ago and although it was very good and easy to use with excellent technical backup, I’m afraid it fell down because it continually kept stopping after a few tracks saying there wasn’t enough space, or words to that effect. Technical advice suggested several fixes including updated version but it still wouldn’t work which was a pity as it was so easy to use. Got my money back but now wonder if it was my old Windows 7 pc that was the issue.Is it possible to use it on Android? Your suggestions would be appreciated.

    1. Just remove music files you have recorded from the folder and you will be fine. The software only works with the computer not Android.

  2. Just as long as you understand you cant improve the quality of the original file, you can only keep it near the same by saving as .wav. If you save to another lossless format like mp3, you are re-encoding it and losing more data.

  3. I highly recommend Allavsoft which helps to download music, playlist from Spotify, Deezer, YouTube.
    What you need to do is copy and paste the music url and click Download button.

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