Top 5 Streaming Music Downloader Review


What we mostly like in choosing a software that can download music from any popular streaming sites like Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Last.FM, Amazon, SoundCloud and more are simple interface, able to download it at lossless audio quality, automatically tags each songs, accessibility and other cool possible features. In short what we are looking for is quick, easy and efficient.


Top 5 Streaming Music Downloader:

1. Cinch Audio Recorder

Cinch Audio Recorder is the best audio recorder so far that i have used. Through its simple clean interface any person can navigate with ease at first glance.

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version

You don’t need to complicate yourself on how to use it, just three quick and easy steps.

cinch audio-recorder-user-guide

  • Click “Start Record
  • then play the songs you want.
  • Click “Stop Record” when it’s done

That’s it..

You just need sit and relax while upon recording songs it automatically inputs tags like artists, titles, and albums. If you want to add cover art on an album, Cinch can do it without any problem. The best part is that is that it can record music at lossless audio quality at 320kbps and save it as mp3. Editing as ringtone is one of its feature when save a track. You will never have a problems when it comes to accessibility since it’s available on windows and Mac.


2. Wondershare Audio Recorder

Wondershare is next to our list. Its gorgeous design and efficiency never doubt that it’s one of the best streaming music downloader on the net.

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version

It can easily record music with great audio quality and tags it automatically near 100%. Still you can record just as

  • Click “Start Record
  • then play the song you want.
  • Click “Stop Record” when it’s done


So why it’s second on the list?

For wondershare to work it needs a Virtual sound card every time you record a song. Since we are also looking for quick and easy, It can be exhausting sometimes switching to Virtual sound card to its default sound card or vice versa. Even though that it has its downs Wondershare makes up for it through its efficiency and that is recording music with high audio quality.


3. Apowersoft Audio Recorder

Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder is also one of the top music ripper at known music streaming site and save it with great audio quality

With its soothing and simple interface, one can understand that to record is just one click away. No need for software or plug ins for it to work.

You can opt to use its search engine to look for songs and be able to download it.

With its outstanding features it’s ID3 tagger function does not tag songs 100% and lacks the function to edit your tracks

Be sure also to upgrade to Pro version to avoid the pop up messages if you’re on a trial period.


4. Recordify Audio Recorder

It can still compete with other audio recorders in regards with recording it as lossless audio quality. Its unique looks, quick and easy to record track makes you want to consider.

Just play any music from an audio source and choose keep this song. Its efficiency compensate for its lacking features like editing audio,and its availability which is in windows only.


5. Replay Audio Recorder

Replay has some slight advantage with KeepVid Audio recorder and that is KeepVid needs a user script for it to work unlike replay. Replay can record high quality audio.

Its simple interface avoids confusion to its users. Just click record, play music and stop recording. Its Id3 tagging works but not as good as the ones mentioned above. If you’re planning to transfer tracks be ready check its tagging details. Be wary if you’re using Windows 10.

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