Top 6 DRM Removal for iTunes, Windows Media Centre, BBC iPlayer, Xbox Live Store, Amazon Instant Video


What is DRM and why would we get rid of it?

Here is a short explanation of Digital rights management (short for DRM). When the software was created to stop you from duplicating or sharing music, viewing an e-book on one other gadget, or playing a single-player game with no Connection to the internet, you happen to be  limited by DRM. That is why iTunes videos can’t be enjoyed in all places. Despite buying videos from the iTunes Store, you’re restricted in the ways where you could play individuals. Apple inc and other video providers retains their media locked down, but when you get rid of the DRM, you may enjoy the videos on any place, even those not recognized by Apple, as well as you can  copy them to many devices and share with your frirends and family. so, I list of top 6 software programs that can make the magic happen with just a few click, simple enough for everyone to use.


Top 1 Aimersoft DRM Media Converter

This is the oldest one DRM convert software that remove DRM protection from both Video and audio file. you could legally get around DRM limitation from M4V, WMV and ASF video rent or bought in iTunes, Windows Media Centre, Zune Marketplace, BBC iPlayer, Xbox Live Store, Amazon Instant Video, Limewire, uTorrent, FrostWire and other video providers. Afterward, you may enjoy  videos anyplace you want freely. Let’s check what formats you can throw this software and make it running.

DRM Video: M4V, WMV, ASF

DRM Audio: WMA, M4P, M4B, AA, AAX

See, pretty much all DRM files can be converted with this converter. I am not going to show how to use step by step. I think that is not necessary because it easy to use and you can always find from the “help” section from the software. Moreover, Aimersoft DRM Media Converter common video or audio file format from one to another like AVI to MP4. The downside of the software is that it only has Windows version so Mac user may not use it unless you got installing a Windows virtual machine on your Mac computer.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”400″ video_id=”CSVe52KsV4I”]


Top 2 TunesKit DRM Media Converter

TunesKit DRM Media Converter is like a supplement of previous one. It offers both Window and Mac version. The rest of part is similar with Aimersoft DRM Media Converter. The downside of this software is that it only works on protected iTunes video ( M4V file extension).  



Top 3 M4VGear

M4vGear is new software company who are developing DRM removal software. It runs on both Windows PC and a mac. For Mac users, OS X 10.8, 10.9, as well as the new 10.10 are working. Over on Windows, you’ll see that it supported for XP, Vista, 7 and 8, which means you can get your DRM remoal job on  nearly every PC. If you have a bunch of videos files with DRM that you need to get rid of, don’t worry – this software will let you batch convert an entire list of videos. However, it only converts protected iTunes video. 



Top 4  Pavtube ChewTune

Pavtube ChewTune is one of the best DRM covnerter that can eliminate DRM from audio and video files that downloaded, bought or rented from iTunes, Amazon store, BBC iPlayer, Zune Marketplace, Nokia Music Store. Additionally, it can take away DRM from Digital Copies (bundled with DVD/Blu-ray discs).


  1. Support removing both DRM video and audio files


  1. Only provides Windows version
  2.  Unstable sometimes



Top 5 NoteBurner M4V Converter 

NoteBurner M4V Converter can take away DRM from iTunes M4V movie rentals and purchases and convert them to DRM free video files liike MP4 for playing on Android/Windows devices. It’s also possible to convert normal MP4 and MOV videos with this software program.


  1. Remove DRM from iTunes M4V videos


  1. Can’t remove DRM from iTunes Music
  2. Can’t remove DRM from other online stores like Amazon, etc



Top 6 AppleMacSoft DRM Converter

AppleMacSoft  is another DRM converter software. This DRM converter can convert DRM protected M4P files to common music files for you to enjoy output audio files on any portable device.


  1. Remove DRM from iTunes M4P files


  1. Only remove DRM from iTunes music
  2. Only for Mac computer users
  3. No update for a long time



All DRM removal software work perfectly and is quite simple. However,  the drawback is that they’ll charge you a fee (from $20 to $50). In case  you need a slower, many steps, more computer experience required  but free alternative, you could instead play the DRM video {using your laptop or pc} and use a screen recording software program) to capture the screen. This processing is going to require the length of the video, but it is something you can arrange your computer or laptop to do when you’re leaving. In case it records excessively, you could cut it off afterwards.




  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve tried M4VGear and it works well on my Mac. The output quality looks like original files and I’ve enjoyed it!

  2. A useful post, I have tried TunesKit and it really does work for me with high output quality. Thanks a lot.


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