Top 6 video editors for beginners

 The easiest video editing tools for everyone

When it comes to the absolute need for video editing, the video editor should not only be friendly, but also have a very easy-to-use interface. For beginners, that are learning video editing, it is important that the deal with very easy software. It should be easy on the eyes, not too many tools, so as to understand the basics of video editing. All the more, it should also contain a substantial amount of tools for the people that would like to progress further into the learning of video editing. When both the editions are present, then the software is the best that you will be able to find.

So, what makes up for the top six video editors that even amateurs can use?

1. Filmora

This revolutionary video editing software from Wondershare is the best that you can find for amateurs. It has a wonderful mechanism, extremely good user interface, and contains a variety of transitions and effects that can be useful for creating amateur videos. Also, you have a lot of tools that can help you to encompass your needs for making quality videos, without shifting to any other software. So, you need to take your pick the best software that you could possibly find for amateurs.

[youtube width=”650″ height=”450″ video_id=”c00X4Ihpvok”]


2. Final Cut Studio

When you like to choose a video editor for your Mac computer, the primary option would be to go for Final Cut Studio. You have a special effects editing program located within the video editing software that can help you to create animated effects as you go. This is extremely consumer friendly, and you have a variety of options in Final Cut, that can help you to take a quality decision on the purchase of the software.


3. Adobe Creative Suite

This is a winner from Adobe. It has a lot of different programs, and the video editing application is to be located within the creative suite, and comes by the name of Adobe premiere. It has all the tools that you need for basic video editing software, and you do not have to depend upon getting any other software. There are also a lot of power tools at your disposal like Photoshop, after effects, as well as a lot more. This is definitely going to be a worthy purchase for you, but the pricing can actually be a bit on the higher side.


4. Avid Media Composer

The primary video editing application that goes by the name of Avid is the best when it comes to editing the applications and looking into the various places to go for securing this particular list. It is one of the most accurate video editors that you will be able to find, and you will be able to look into the managing of tools, along with the ongoing database along with the best possible frame and accuracy control. You shall maintain the quality color level, and also go for the appropriate broadcasting standards.


5. Windows Movie Maker

This is one of the most common video editing software that you can find that comes inbuilt with the Windows operating system. You can take different shots altogether, and make use of each and every shot and also add music to it. The files are to be saved only in the.WMA format, but you can make use of third-party converter to get it converted to a file extension of your choice.


6. iMovie:

For those that indulge in the basic editing program in the Mac operating system, you have the iMovie. This is the inbuilt video editor that will be able to find in the Apple operating system.


From among the various kinds of software mentioned, I recommend Filmora from Wondershare as the best video editing tool that for beginner. I personally get used to it with just 5 mins. You should have a try! Let me if you got any better easy to use software, please write your comments.

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