Top Music Streaming Sites in India


Even India has low internet speeds, but it doesn’t stop the people to go digital and stream their music online. For the people of India, choosing the right streaming service is based on its user interface, download quality music, and catalog.

Top Music Streaming Sites in India


WynkIs simple yet has an attractive home page. You can see its categorize right away to the most popular. You can listen to Bollywood and International song hits. Streaming music at Wynk offer 320 kbp/s both streaming and downloading music.

For pricing, very affordable for Android and iOS users. The first month is free which offers an unlimited download for offline usage. The Wifi or non airtel is a little expensive than airtel subscribers but still affordable.


GaanaA social layer app where you can look at what your friends are hearing. If you want to listen to Bollywood songs whether old or new, then this is one of the most popular. If you stream music, the bitrate is around 320 kbp/s still the same when you try to download songs.

They have affordable prices (annual subscription) which the people in India like.


SaavnIf you look at the home page, it’s pretty similar to Gaana, but on the first menu tab, you can play a playlist you like. Saavn offers Bollywood songs whether popular, new, and old. Navigation is easy, but you need to find the songs you like even though its clutter free. The playlist is good but not as good as Wynk.

If you listen to music by streaming, it offers 320 kbps/s bitrate but when you download music it will be as low as 120 kbp/s.

Their prices are also competitive which people like.


HungamaHungama’s songs are messed up, but they have interesting music which people like. The downside is they tend to recommend music but limited to the recent ones and not the old songs.

Bitrate can be up to 320 kbps. It offers videos by which you can download offline. It will automatically download the song played so you can use it even if you’re offline. The songs recommended are great and are available in most devices compared to other music streaming sites.

Apple Music

Apple MusiciCloud Music Library and Apple Music streaming Catalog are Apple Music’s components. Apart from that it also offers a Radio station feature called Beats1. You can add your songs to a playlist that enables you to listen to your favorite music offline.

The longterm iTunes users will get more benefit when it comes to downloading songs, but when it comes to people in India, they prefer more cheaper rate and Bollywood music.


It really depends on your preference. If you like Bollywood and at the same time international songs then Wynk is the best choice, but if you like pure Bollywood songs then Gaana is the best option.

The two mentioned are clutter free, and you can find the most music you like compared to Saavn and Hungama.

When it comes to downloading songs, then Wynk and Gaana can give you better quality audio compared from Saavn.

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