How to Transfer Data from BlackBerry to iOS Devices?


Are you in a plan of switching from blackberry to iOS Device? While switching you will need to transfer data from blackberry to iOS device. You will search for different solutions online to complete your task

To transfer data from blackberry to iOS device easily we will recommend you with Wondershare Mobile Trans Software. It is easy to use with user-friendly interface functionality. It is compatible with all latest versions on Blackberry and latest versions of iOS devices.

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Wondershare Mobile Trans Software

Wondershare Mobile trans is very much powerful transferring software for all latest blackberry versions too. With just one click you can easily transfer all your contact, photos, videos, documents and almost everything from your blackberry to iOS Devices.

No matter your data is in phone memory or cloud it will even transfer your calendar, documents, notes and downloaded emails. It will even transfer text messages including sent, received, spam and other folders too. Within a few clicks you can easily transfer all your data from blackberry to iOS device.

How to Transfer Data from Blackberry to iOS Device?


With the help of Wondershare Mobile Trans Software you can easily transfer data from operating system to another operating system quickly. All you need to do is follow the below step to step guide.

Step 1: Start Wondershare Mobile Trans

After downloading the software on your computer system you need to then install the applications with its installation process. After completion of installation then start the program. You need to then go to the restore option from backups. If you find that the option is green in color you need to select restore option from blackberry backups.

Step 2: Connecting Blackberry and iOS Devices

completion of download mobiletrans

Now you will have to connect the blackberry device and iOS device on the computer system via USB cable. The program will detect both the devices properly. You need to select the backup option from the source device to make it transferable to destination of iOS device. Click on the content that you want to transfer and then select on “Start Copying”.

Step 3: Transferring Process


After selecting the content, you can easily start copying by clicking on “Start copying” option. You will see another window popping-up on the window screen displaying the time that will be taken to transfer the content.

Once the transferring is done remove the connecting USB cable and open the iOS device to see the data is transferred properly. Hope you likes the above guide and if you have any queries then do let us know by commenting below. Also share it with all your friends online.

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