How To Transfer Music From Android to iPhone/iPad/iPod?

There are numerous queries about how you would be able to transfer the music from your android mobile phone to the pertinent Apple powered devices. Yes, the process is extremely easy and simple, but in case there are any issues, you would need to back up your android music to your computer.

With the help of the software TunesGo, you will be able to transfer the music files in between the devices making use of the android operating system and the iOS.

Online Guide To Transfer Music From Android to iPhone / iPad / iPod

 Download the TunesGo software for PC or Mac. This software is compatible with both the Windows operating system as well as the Mac OS; for people using Windows, click on the left button and for the Mac users, click on the right button to download and install the software.

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version

Step 1: Connect the devices to the computer. After installing the TunesGo software on your computer, you need to plug in the android as well as the Apple operated device in your computer. As soon as you do so, the software will start to analyze the devices, and it would show the name of the devices located in the left column.



Please note: –


  • For android OS 4.2 or later: Visit the settings, click on the about phone on your Samsung. Then press the build number several times until you find yourself with the status message “you are a developer mode.” Then enter into the settings, and choose developers option, from which you select USB debugging.
  • For android OS 3.0 to 4.1: Simply visit settings, go to develop options, and select USB debugging.
  • For android OS 2.3 or earlier: Go to the settings tab, select applications, go to development, and put a check on the USB debugging feature.
  • For people making use of LG, switch between the two modes MTP and PTP, depending upon the files.

Step 2: Transfer the songs from android to Apple devices. When everything is ready, click on the android phone located under the devices panel, and then select the music option. All the songs stored in the mobile phone would show up in the main window. Select the ones you want exported, and then click on the “Export to” button, and choose the name of the device that you would want exported. The transfer process would start.


Thats all… I hope this article helps you to transfer music from Android to iPhone / iPad and iPod easily. Do try it be downloading the free trial version of the software now. If you have any query about any of of the steps listed above then do let me know by commenting.

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version

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