Tuneskit DRM Audio Converter for Mac Review

Brought by the rampant usage of peer-to-peer file sharing apps in acquiring digital media files, DRM technology was eventually developed. Digital rights management tools were created to enhance copyright protection for different digital media products and to prevent people from copying the original contents without proper authorization.

Despite these innovative security features, there is still an effective way to remove DRM copy protection from audio books, iTunes M4P and Apple Music without spending excessive subscription fees. You’ll surely need a reliable DRM removal software or an audio converter for MAC to enjoy listening to your favorite music tracks in all Apple devices as well as other music platforms.

DRM technology restricts your ability to play audio files on other multimedia players especially those files which were purchased from Apple and iTunes stores.

If you wish to play these DRM-protected songs on Android phones, tablets or Windows phones, you definitely need the services of Tuneskit audio converter to get through this limitation. Tuneskit audio converter for MAC is an easy-to-navigate software tool that allows you to convert original DRM-protected audio materials to a number of music formats such as MP3, WAV, AAC, MP4 and FLAC among others. It’s fully functional on both latest and earlier MAC OS versions and only requires minimal RAM and disk space.


The safest way to convert DRM and DRM-free music

Since audio tracks are created with different music formats, you’ll likely encounter a difficult time playing them on specific music players. Tuneskit DRM audio converter for MAC has the capacity to remove DRM from iTunes and convert the audio files to multiple file formats you want. It only takes a few seconds to convert one file in accordance with your desired audio settings. At the same time, this versatile audio converter allows your music library to become organized.


A fun way to customize and personalize your music

Tuneskit DRM audio converter provides all the necessary features you need to create your own style. You can fully customize the audio output by modifying the original audio file properties. Modify the pitch sound, source volume, sample rate, output bit rate and track speed to save more storage space. What’s more interesting with Tuneskit audio converter is that you can cut down long-playing music files which seem very useful for audio books and videos converted to MP3.


Easier to manage, more flexibility

Tuneskit audio converter offers music fans more interesting features to help you manage your music files with ease. Since music files can be downloaded from untrustworthy sources particularly DRM-free files, there is always a possibility that you may end up acquiring files with incorrect tag info. This iTunes DRM audio converter for MAC lets you modify the music tag info by adding song titles, album covers, and other track details. This is why Tuneskit is known to be effective in cleaning up your music library apart from file conversion.


Here is the list of supported input formats:

  1. iTunes M4B, M4A, iTunes M4P, Apple Music, Audible AA and AAX for DRM audio sources
  2. M4A, M4B, MP2, MPA, M4P, M4R, AC3, MKA, MP3, M4A, WMA, AAC, OGG, AIFF, RA, RAM, WAV, APE, FLA and  AA for non-DRM audio files

Tuneskit audio converter transforms your audio files to these following audio formats: MP3, M4A, WAV, AAC, FLAC and M4B



Additional pay to get premium features


You can alwas try it out for free using the trial version.

Installing Tuneskit audio converter on your MAC gives you the best opportunity to enjoy full music experience without getting restricted by DRM features. The same goes as to remove DRM video which Tuneskit have which is possible to convert DRM video besides audio.

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