What Type Of Music Should My Kids Listen To? Great Audio Quality Is A Plus


Kids has their preference of music to listen to depending what they like and their age group and the important thing is that parents don’t want their kids to listen to music with explicit lyrics and limitation when it comes to social sharing. As services on music streaming sites like Apple Music and iheartradio and more offer more better service than their competition when upgrading and subscription like family friendly services, they offer services that are safe to kids which offer academic or educational content. There are any Music streaming service these days so,


What music streaming service to choose from?


With more than 30 million songs, Spotify has their kids and family category for ages less than 5 yrs. Old. It’s more focused on vocabulary and language development and has a feature voice prompt between songs about artist encouraging parents to listen together with their kids. For older kids they may be able to browse other categories which makes parent uncertain what they will listen to.


It’s a free music streaming site which may be available either desktop or app on Android or iOS. It has over a million songs to choose from and can either toggle from audio to video to listen from. You can either search for the artists audio or video and save it offline for your kids. Although a lot of videos are safe but when they are online, there’s a probability that they can come across with mature content like violence, sex, smoking and drinking.


If you have kids who are virtuoso then they can upload and share their audio files as well as follow other musicians that may help them and also to their fans. The good thing on SoundCloud is that if you have found some explicit lyrics or not good for your kids then you can always block the user who uploaded it.

Since we now know what are those music streaming sites,


Did I only mean about safe for kids only?

What i mean also is for your kids also to listen great audio quality when downloading the songs you choose from. That way you can also be sure 100% what they will listen to and not have to worry about explicit content.

This is possible with Cinch Audio Recorder which is a legal way to rip music.


Cinch Audio Recorder


It’s excellent, clear and efficient interface will make your task easier compared to other software which is very confusing. When you Record songs from the Music streaming sites it will be saved as lossless WAV as MP3. In regards with tagging it will automatically inputs artist, albums and title.


Follow these steps:


Download Windows versionDownload MAC version

Click “Start recording” and play the songs on any streaming service of your choice.

Click “Stop recording” once done.

cinch audio-recorder-user-guide

Open the output folder to find the downloaded music.

You don’t have to download any virtual sound card for it to work. Just follow the steps above and you’re good to go.


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