How to Use Spotify on Android or iOS in India?


spotify in indiaSpotify is the great way to enjoy music. However, it is NOT available in India yet. So how can we find an easy way to play Spotify music without geographical restrictions?

As we know, Spotify is the best thing happened to music and its fans. Listening to Spotify music whenever and wherever you want using the Internet without downloading it is the best thing. It is the new way of how people have started listening to music. 

In this article, I’m going to show you how to get the amazing services of Spotify on Android and iOS in India.

We need a VPN ( virtual private network) before we can login Spotify account in India. What’s that for? When it comes to accessing content that’s geographically restricted by IP address (“geolocked” or “geoblocked”) like Spotify. so we need a vpn to show Spotify, like “hey, Spotify, I am living in the US (or other countries where have Spotify service) please let me login. 

Tips: A paid VPN service is much stable and faster than the free one.

Update: Do I always need to connect the VPN in order to enjoy Spotify?

I saw this question from the blog comments. Yes, you have to connect to VPN to play music on from Spotify if you are living in India. However, there is the way to convert Spotify to mp3 files. After you turn all Spotify playlist into .mp3 files, you can now play it on any device without the restriction of installing VPN.


How to Use Spotify on Android?

To use Spotify on Android, you need to Install the Spotify APK from the web and Hola Free VPN app from the Google Play.

  1. Download Spotify APK – Click Here
  2. Go to the root directory where the Apk is downloaded and Install the Apk
  3. Next, Download and Install Hola Free VPN
  4. Open Hola Free VPN app. Once you’re in the app, click on MORE besides My Apps and select Spotify. Make sure the Browsing from country is selected as The United States and then press open
  5. Grant all the permissions it asks. All it does is tricks the Spotify app about the location of access
  6. Open the Spotify app and then Sign Up or Log in using your Email only. Using your social network to log in may track your real location and it may not work

That’s all… Isn’t it easy?

Just follow the above steps and start using Spotify for free on your Android Device. Now let’s see how you can use Spotify on iOS device. 


How to use Spotify on iOS

To use Spotify on iOS, you need to Install Tunnel Bear App and Spotify App from the App Store, also don’t forget the VPN.

  1. Download and Install the Spotify app from the App Store, you need to change the location to The United States before downloading the App
  2. Next, Download Tunnel Bear App. This App lets you fake your location
  3. Once Installed, open the Tunnel Bear app and connect it to the VPN server and change your location to The US
  4. Now, open the Spotify app and-and then Sign Up or Log in using your Email only. Using your social network to log in may track your real location and it may not work

You are done… Now you can access Spotify on both your Android Device or iOS device with easy. Follow the above steps and if you come across any difficulty then do let me know by commenting. If you find this article useful then do share it online with your friends. Also, do let us know if you know a better way of using Spotify for free.


*Note: This article is entirely for educational purpose and doesn’t support violating any company’s policies.



  1. I usually dont believe in all this but. Vut this worked thankyou so much!!!!

    • You are most welcome

  2. OH MY GOD u saved my life ! Thank you so so so much ! i just need to know if tunnel bear downloads any viruses or anything?

    • Nope Sukriti; no virus so you can download and enjoy using it.

  3. When I am changing my store location from India to USA , it askes for billing information but i don’t have a credit card so the location is not changing.
    What should I do ?

    • Why do you change the store location… You can retain it as India and proceed with the bill payment but you will require a credit card to make the transaction.

  4. work

    • Thanks for your valuable comment Neoko.

  5. And asks me to change the region. If I do and try to download I get an error “your account is not valid in this country. Change to India”.

    • You need an US IP based VPN. When you have it, Spotify will treat you as an user from USA. That will be work!

  6. I was able to use Spotify and it was working flawlessly, but now it says I can’t use it for more than 14 days ‘abroad.’
    What do I do?

  7. Thank you to who ever shared this it really works

    • Hey Sujith,
      Thanks for your wonderful comment.
      Keep on visiting our blog for more such articles.

  8. Please tell me if I always have to open hola free van in order to use spotify?

    • Yes, that is the only way for enjoying Spotify in India. The open hola VPN is for showing you as a US IP address to Spotify.

  9. hey i am trying and the vpn des npt work i cant find spotify app in app store even after installing tunnel bear and turning it on……is it because im using wifi?

  10. It is not changing the location in the appstore unless we enter a card number and password for future purchases
    So what should we do in that case?

  11. thanks this really works well! but is there a way insted of opening hola vpn every time???


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