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Viber Spy ReviewNowadays age restriction of any kind from most of the social networking platforms has been removed and thus children to adults of any kind can make user accounts on any sites. Such early exposure of children to such kinds of sites may often lead them on a wrong path especially if they are at a delicate age. At such times it is necessary for parents to keep a watch on the kinds of text messages and pictures they are exchanging because the internet is a pretty dangerous place. Many different kinds of software that allow you to spy on your kid’s usage of their phone. But these software don’t always allow you to spy on all the third party applications or social networking sites hence denying you of the entire picture. At such times you should make use of Use mSpy – the Ultimate Monitoring Tool for all Devices.

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Viber Spy Review

Now, one very famous social networking site is Viber. It is very similar to Skype which is available for download on both Android and iOS. With this application, users can send and receive text messages or make calls over the internet for absolutely free with a connection to Wi-Fi or data plans. Because of the capability to make free phone calls and send free texts over Wi-Fi or your data plan, Viber gained a large number of users which includes many children, who often have restricted data plans.  

How it Works

Once you start using mSpy monitoring app you will be required to create a secure web account where at you will receive all the messages that the software will capture. Now, how does it actually work? You will need access to the targeted device only once so that you can install the application in the phone. the application does not appear on the phone and will be completely hidden. Once this is done, all the data, sent and received will be captured can stealthily sent to your secure web account. Now every single text, call, image, audio clip, sticker and anything else sent and received on Viber will be sent to you on your account.

Check Text Messages

You can check the content of every text message received or sent by the device user. Even if a message is deleted, you’ll still have access to it in your personalized Control Panel on your web account.

Monitor Calls

Viber is mainly used to make free calls to anyone over the internet. The duration, time at which the call was made, the number to which the call was made etc. can be monitored by you. Additionally, there is a blocking feature with which you can block unwanted numbers from calling the target phone.

View Photos & Videos

Each and every picture or video or any kind of multimedia which is captured or exchanged not only on Viber but on any messenger will be captured and will be available to you for view on your account. 

Summarizing, this application is an amazing option for spying and I would definitely recommend it to you. Do give it a try. I hope this Viber Spy Review was helpful to you. Do let me know via comments. 

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