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Free to capture videos of your favorite moments is a way to preserve your memories. Also so you may edit them as per your needs or desire to make it stand out of the world. Also some people have the hobby to shoot videos of their life moments and edit them to give them a unique and lavishing look and also share it with friends and family and also on the social networking. And so you must be in search of an exemplary video editing software. Well I have something in this matter for you.

VirtualDub is such an astonishing video shooting and editing software which is created purposely for trimming and cleaning the video prior to sharing it or rather uploading to it. Although this VirtualDub software doesn’t possess the ability like the Adobe Premiere, but it still is sleek for quick linear activities. The Batch-Processing feature of VirtualDub software has a very good capacity to process large number of files which can be expanded with third-party video refines.

What VirtualDub can do?

Splitting, Extracting along with Joining AVI Files Without Re-encoding and Cropping

A part or a portion of your AVI video file along with the position slider will be saved by the VirtualDub software. Also you work in the “Direct Stream Copy” mode in both the video and audio menus. Also you can crop inside the AVI Video. All you need to do is just see that you are in “Full processing” mode and then hit on “video” followed by “filters” option. Choose the Cropping button now and to add a dummy filter click “add” and choose “null transform” which will ungrey the Cropping button now.
Note: Cropping the back bars will change the dimensions and quality of the video, so use a resize filter to change the cropped video to its original resolution.

Saving AVI as Animated GIF and JPEG/PNG/BMP from a Video

GIF animations are still useful to elaborate articles. All you are supposed to do is after uploading your videos, just move the slider and click on “heading to File” followed by clicking on “export” and finally selecting the animated GIF. Settings can be done like you can opt to play your GIF for just one time or several times.
Note: the shorter your video selection is the better will be the animated GIF.
Also if you want to get some thumbnails for your video, follow the same steps except that of exporting the selected portion of video as an Image Sequence. But if you are wishing to get a single snapshot from a scene in the AVI video and edit the snap, just use the slider to position it at the right scene and press Ctrl+1 and then hit the “copy source frame to clipboard” option. Later just open paint or any other image editing software and paste it and start editing.
Note: It is suggested to create a new folder to save all your images their as there is no option “to create a new folder” available in the VirtualDub software when choosing a new folder destination. One more thing is that just press Ctrl+2 to get a snapshot with the applied filters in the AVI Video.

VirtualDub software can take three effects and split the file three times to get a smooth zooming effect with just a simple filter from the VirtualDub filter site. Also you can add the .vdf file to the VirtualDub’s Plugins folder.
For VirtualDub, you will need to download and extract a logo or a watermark image filter so that you can select any 24-bit bitmap file and drag it bounding the video using the X,Y sliders.
Note: if the image has a black transparent background, type all zeros under the transparent colour and type 255 in all the red, green and blue boxes if the image has a white background.

Embedding Subtitles Permanently

If you know how to create subtitles or if you have some subtitle search engines downloaded, VirtualDub software can embed them in your video along with the TextSub filter permanently which is commonly called as hardsubbing.

Features of VirtualDub Video Editor

Video Assembly

VirtualDub has the ability to create a video using various relevant images and that too in Windows Bitmap files. All you need to do is give individual frames different file names numbered in sequential order without having any gaps like 001.bmp, 002.bmp, 003.bmp. with these, you can now adjust the frame rate and also add soundtrack and various other alterations. Also a video can be disassembled by removing its soundtracks and saving the frames in Windows Bitmap files.

Video Capture

VirtualDub bases both DirectShow and Video for Windows to capture a video with features like capture to any AVI variant, audio VU meters, overlay and preview modes, histogram, selectable crop area, video noise reduction, auto stop settings and designate alternate drives for capture overflow. Moreover, the problems with digital cameras that record video can be recovered. Many cameras or camcorders record in M-JPEG format which is not supportive to Sony Vegas 6.0 and 7.0 but when you save the AVI files naming as “old-style AVI” will make it appear in Vegas.


VirtualDub has the ability to delete segments of a video file along with appending new segments or reordering the existing segments. A number of video editing pockets are present in the “filter” option of VirtualDub which can be used to reduce the video sixe to half or convert the video to grayscale or arbitrary rotation.
Note: appended segments should have same audio and video formats, dimension, numbers of audio channels, frame rates and sampling rates, etc. or the VirtualDub won’t be able mix the dissimilar video files neither add transition effects between segments.

So hope you are now aware of how useful VirtualDub is for AVI video editing task. You don’t even need to install this software as it’s a zip file. The user interface is a bit brain cracking at start but you can later become habituated to it with practice. Try using this not so bad video editing software and share your views below.

How to use it?

You can find lot of free video tutorial on YouTube like this:

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