Web Browser PDF Viewers Review


Everyone uses a web browser, doing a lot of things from conducting an online research, visiting social media accounts or watch streaming videos. Unless you want to spend the majority of your computer time playing online games, the web browser can help you access multiple PDFs online and read the contents in your own settings. Microsoft Edge is the default browser for Windows 10, but you can also use other browsers such as Opera, Chrome, I.E. (for lower OS versions), Safari and Mozilla Firefox among others. Each one features a built-in option that allows you to read PDFs without installing any additional software on your computer.

Web Browser PDF Viewers Review

web browser pdf viewers

Explore Some of the Most Popular Web Browser PDF Viewers Below:

Microsoft Edge PDF Viewer

Microsoft Edge supports PDF file formats for a long time since its inception on the market. With its latest version, Microsoft Edge has integrated more PDF enhancements like advanced PDF viewing, annotation tools, and document security. If you’re using another software, you can quickly set Microsoft Edge as your default PDF viewer by changing the “App” settings. Locate the “choose default app by file type” link and change the current one assigned to “.pdf” to Microsoft Edge. After this, you can now open any PDF document stored or downloaded onto your PC.

Chrome PDF Viewer

Even before you install this browser on your PC, Chrome is already equipped with a built-in PDF viewer that enables you to access PDFs easily. Use this browser to open a PDF file whether you download it or read the document from the website. You can make Chrome as your default PDF viewer by selecting it from the plug-in list. Also, Chrome can open a PDF document when you drag it straight to the browser.

Mozilla Firefox PDF Viewer

Firefox PDF viewer offers you an easy-to-navigate interface and basic features to open and read any PDF file. You can set this browser as one of your PDF viewers by selecting “Preview in Firefox” under the application toolbar. Each time you open a PDF file, press right click and select Firefox among the options. You can also establish Firefox PDF viewer as a default app to read PDFs from websites and downloaded files.

Internet Explorer PDF Viewer

Internet Explorer is one of the oldest existing browsers still actively in use today. The add-ons for Acrobat Professional and Adobe Reader are utilized to help IE PDF viewer get started. To activate IE PDF viewer as a default program, you need to select it from the list of programs under “Toolbars and Extensions” located from “Manage Add-ons.” Once the program is selected, you can directly open a PDF document downloaded from a website or stored on your computer.


  • Easy access and reading of PDF documents
  • User-friendly interface
  • Less consumption of computer space
  • Basic function like zoom in/out and page orientation
  • Reduce system malfunctions


  • Limited features
  • Slow processing time for large-size PDF files

Reading PDFs in a web browser may not provide as many features as other PDF reader alternative seen on the market. Unless you need other features of a stand-alone PDF reader, a web browser PDF viewer is capable enough to help you access your PDFs clear and safe.

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