What is Spycall? – Spy on Anyone Easily

We often use spyware to spy on anyone that we think is up to something. Reading their messages and emails, viewing their pictures and videos are some things that you can do if you are using spyware. One such spying software is Spyera.

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What is Spycall?

Spyera is an excellent spying software available that gets you access to everything on a person’s phone. But sometimes reading messages is not enough and you need to get a tab on their phone calls too. This is where Spyera remains unrivaled as it lets you discreetly listen to all the phone calls, made and received, by the target phone.


Inconspicuously, listening on to the calls of the target phone. But on a spy call you are allowed to only hear the voices in surroundings and not to the actual conversation that is happening. It is also known as Ambient Listening.

If you want to use the Spy call feature, you have to first set your phone number as the monitoring number. After you have done this, you will be able to listen to the surroundings of any call happening. This feature can be exclusively turned on or off at any time, by a secret remote SMS command, or with one click on your web account. So if you want to make a normal call from the same phone you normally use as the Monitor, all you need to do is send the command to turn off Spycall and Intercept Call. You can turn it back on whenever you wish to.

How to Define Monitoring Number?

There are two ways by which you can set your monitoring number

  • Firstly, by the use of a SMS command
  • Or by accessing your web account

It is important for your number to be in the international format to make sure it is matching with the defined number.

Please check this example You defined your number in software like this 0789789456

But when you make a call to target your number will appear like this +4478989456

Make sure that you have not blocked your Caller ID when making a Spy Call from your predefined Monitor number, or Spyera will not know when to answer as a Spy Call. Also, calls through a PBX, calling cards, Skype and other VOIP Internet clients, etc. usually will not work. This is because the Caller ID is either unavailable or unpredictable. The software can’t make a match with the predefined Monitor number unless Caller ID is both available and reliable.

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