Win Suite 2012 Review – An All-in-one PC Utility Tool

Win Suite 2012 is a PC utility from WonderShare which provides more than 40 solutions. It is an all-in-one PC utility that meets your entire emergency repair needs and daily maintenance for your computer.


You might be facing one of the following issues with your computer.

  • Computer slowness
  • Data loss
  • Privacy leakage
  • Forgetting password

It is very tedious to check and diagnose your computer step by step to create the lost content all over again from scratch. Wondershare WinSuite 2012 can fix it all for you. With one click of a button, you can speed up your computer and make it run seamlessly.

Download Windows version

You can also get your lost data, protect your personal files and remove any trace of your activities on Windows or online, retrieve forgotten passwords including Windows and Office product keys.

You can also clone or partition your disk easily and conveniently.

WonderShare Win Suite 2012 Review Along With Its Features

PC Clean and Tune-up – It is a 360 degrees health check-up of your computer. The tool will diagnose your computer and optimize and speed up its performance.

PC Health Check – This tool diagnoses your PC and provides suggestions on system performance optimization based on the results.

Windows Speedup – Speed up your computer by optimizing Windows startup items, Windows service items and Internet items.

Windows Cleanup – This tool scans and cleans the registry to keep it thin and safe. It clears junk files to make your computer run faster and strengthens the security of your internet activity history. Remove the footprint to have privacy and uninstall unwanted software and remove unused plug-ins which makes your browser faster.

Data Recovery – You can recover different kinds of deleted or formatted data from different sources like USB drive, external hard disk, mobile phone, digital camera, iPod etc.

Password and Key Finder – You can retrieve the passwords for your Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook when you forget them. Also, you can get the Office product keys and Windows keys when you are formatting or re-installing the program. The tools used are Password Finder, Windows Key Finder and Office Key Finder respectively.

Disk Manager – You can perform various Disk management operations like cloning, wiping, partition etc.

Clone/Partition Disk – Clone partitions or the full disk including Windows, programs, files and personal settings to a different partition or disk.

Disk Partition – Organize your partition or disk effectively by resizing, deleting, formatting, hiding, splitting or merging.

Backup and Restore – Backup your files, folders, partitions or disks for a single-click restore when they are lost or damaged.

Security – You can create personal safe place, you can erase history online and on your Windows, you can perform encryption or shredding of files.

Personal Safe – Create a “personal safe” on the disk for personal stuff that only you are eligible to access.

Privacy Cleaner – Securely remove online internet tracks and program activities from your browser, recent documents and records on the hard drive and start menu.

File Encryption and Shredder – Encrypt your personal data to prevent unauthorized access.

So these are some of the top features of WonderShare Win Suite 2012. To experience it you should certainly download and use it on your computer. Do try it and share in your experience.

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