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data-recovery-for-macText messaging has become the written human interaction in a world ruled by high technology allowing for voice calling substitutes in cases when genuine communication is either undesirable or impossible. The popularity and the influence of the SMS have grown in a rapid pace bringing this service’s providers huge benefits.


These messages have also proven to be an influential and powerful tool as we all know that “knowledge is power” and text messages have soon become very efficient in rendering information: personal messages, declarations of love, company alerts, infotainment, travelling booking, news, sports scores, etc, all these have brought messages to the verge of a new dimension: intrinsic part of everyone’s lives.

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Thus, the need to keep and save this information for further use completely makes sense. For people who own IPhones this task is very easy to complete as the process can be carried out by using ITunes and export iphone text messages on to their computers and then, if they want to, back on the device.

However, backing up messages is not the same with keeping them in a readable format and this is where an alternative exporting programme comes in.  Apple technology bans applications from accessing the devices memory area where messages are stored, so no application which is installed on an IPhone will be able to help you read the messages.

Wondershare Data Recovery To Export SMS

A different approach is therefore required and it is offered by Wondershare Data Recovery for iTunes.

  • After installing the programme, start scanning the backup of your IPhone in order to get the content.
  • The next step is to transfer the SMSs from iPhone so that you can preview them one by one.
  • The file with the text messages that has been exported is a HTML file that you will be able to access and control conveniently.

I hope you also agree that Wondershare Data Recovery is a must have tool for all smartphone users. Here as you can see; it not acts as a data recovery software but also helps in sms transfer and saving the data for long. It also comes in handy as a potential life saver, so we strongly recommend it.

I always recommend that you review Wondershare Data Recovery by trying out their trial version. Of you come across any difficulty then I strongly recommend you to get in touch with me. Also if u find it useful then share it with your friends online.

Download Windows version Download MAC version


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