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Have you lost any data from your iPhone or iPad? Are you Feeling blank as to what the next step is? At times, you will be so puzzled about the possibility of recovering your lost confidential information in the device. You don’t have to worry anymore with this amazing tool, Dr.Fone for iOS. This is the world’s first data recovery software for iPhone and iPad. So, you know about its superb quality and performance level!

Are you thinking about its compatibility now? Yes, this software is compatible with Windows 10, iOs, iTunes 12 and 6s and 6s plus models of iPhone.

Buying this perfect software, you are getting a total remedy for all types of data recovery such as photos, videos, texts, documents, files and folders, notes and many more.

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Wondershare Dr.Fone For iOS/iPhone Date Recovery (Windows)

Original Price: $69.95 USD

Now only: $48.957 USD

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Wondershare Dr.Fone For iOS/iPhone Date Recovery (Mac) 

Original Price: $79.95 USD

Now only: $55.97 USD

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What It Recovers?

You are able to recover almost all data that are lost from your device like iPhone or iPad. This can be due to deletion accidentally or through corrupted files. The best part is, you are able to recover all your confidential data in just a few minutes. This data recovery software is also compatible with the new version iOS 9.

Choose Which Files You Would Like To Recover

If you are a having a priority list of data to be recovered, then recovery of such data, which are more relevant, is also possible through this amazing software. For this, you are able to slect each file individually. It can be images or videos, whatever you wish and recover them from your iOS or iCloud devices.

Repair Operating System

At the time of recovering there are chances that you may face with many difficulties. It can also cause to more troubles in data recovery. Are you worried about issues? Well, you have a perfect solution for this also when you buy this data recovery software. For instance, during recovery, if your touch option is not moving or performing not in a proper way, it is simply made correct by Dr.Fone’s Repair Operating System facility. You may be surprised as the fixing time comes not even up to 10 minutes.

Final Words

As you know, if you find it difficult to recover your most important data, it can lead to a great loss if in case you are running a business or stored any personal important documents in it! Buying Dr.Fone for iOS won’t let it happen for you! Wondershare gives you this most trustworthy data recovery software is in fact a great support for you! In addition, the best part is, it is possible to recover it a less span of time with no difficulty in operating! You are able to recover data through Dr.Fone for iOS from almost all versions of iPhone 6s, 5s, 5c, 4s, iPad Pro, iPad mini, iPad Air, iPod touch 5 and so on.

Screenshot for Dr.fone for iOS

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