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Wondershare presents a fantastic piece of wireless enjoyment of full HD Movies and Music without even a smart TV. With the click of a button, you can enjoy your entire media collection with very ease. Wondershare Dream Stream has the capacity to stream your favorite Movies, Music and TV series. It manages your digital media with zero effort and makes you enjoy video and audio entertainments Mage your digital media content with zero effort, as well as wirelessly stream and enjoy video.

wondershare dream stream

Wondershare Dream Stream Review

Main Functions of Wondershare Dream Stream

You can easily have a wireless enjoyment of your HD Movies and Music without the necessity of a smart TV. The only thing you have to do is to Stream all your Windows PC and tablet directly to your TV via your Google Chromecast, Xbox and Apple TV. You can watch your favorite shows, movies and other playlists directly from the program interface without the necessity of an internet browser. You may click a button to enjoy your entire media collection. Dream Stream exactly does the work to your utmost satisfaction.

Stream your Favorite Movies, Music & TV Series

It enables you to stream your entire collection in High Definition, without the transfer of videos, music and more to an external hard drive, USB. You can now enjoy a single solution that allows you to manage your content without the necessity of an internet browser.

It Gives Support For 20+ Media Formats

Dream Stream gives support to a huge variety of file formats without eliminating the entire collection due to limitation in file types. It automatically manages your collection with auto indexing. Dream Stream sorts your media files that is saved on your hard drive and send them to the Dream Stream library. It integrates with online video sites and play via Chromecast without opening an internet browser including YouTube and much more. It also customizes the list at ease by changing and adding the favorites.

Manage Your Local Stored Media Content

Once you install and launch Wondershare Dream Stream the program allows you to automatically scan the entire hard drive and have all the compatible media files indexed into the Dream Stream library. If you want to add some new media files to your computer you have to click the Refresh button

Wondershare Dream Stream Coupon Code

This is perfect software to stream all your media from your Windows PC and tablet. If you want to bag this awesome product you need not go anywhere. All you need to do is to just click the “Take This Deal” button below and buy it from Wondershare.

Original Price: $44.99/year

Discounted Price: $31.49/year

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Wondershare values the customer’s privacy and protect his financial and personal data. It gives good day and night service also. You can also contact them through email. It gives money back guarantee for 30 days. You can definitely trust them. Wondershare Dream Stream is an excellent product .You can definitely recommend this to any of your friends.Wondershare offers this with awesome discounts.

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