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Advancements in technology have now opened doors to anyone with a mobile phone or a DSLR to shoot high-quality movies. Yes, cell phones can now record 4K videos and DSLR camera can capture videos that match motion-picture quality. With storage, not a concern anymore the only limit is your creativity and of course your subject’s tolerance.  But shooting hours of raw video doesn’t give you a perfect movie.

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Detailed Wondershare Filmora Review

All great movies are made possible with the help of proper editing and technology has not given up on this end too. More advanced software programs are now available when it comes video editing. Everything comes with a pitfall and video editing software is no exception to this. With more feature comes complexity and with complexity increases the difficulty to use the software. Filmora from Wondershare denies agreeing on this pitfall as this video editing tool offers great features without compensating usability. This software is available on both Mac and Windows operating system and has tons of rich features. Let’s talk about them in brief.

Top Features of Wondershare Filmora

Elegant Yet Simple UI


Filmora presents a modern yet very intuitive user interface that even a layman can understand and start working with. It provides various texts and titles that can be used to create animated messages. It allows to embed your favorite music track into your video and also has overlays and filters to enhance your work.

Effective Effects for Beginners


The software is developed for all users including first-timers and beginners. It has hundreds of visual effects that can be plugged and played into your work. The tool also allows frame by frame preview which means you can now preview each frame of your audio and video before completing your work. It also supports other features like High Definition support, play audio/video in reverse and also speed control.

Basic Video and Audio Editing


All basic audio and video editing support are built-in in this software. Thus you can now trim, crop or rotate your video with just a few clicks of your mouse. You can also play around with audio editing like trim, split, fade out and more.

Effects to Satisfy Advanced Users


Filmora is for all audience from novice to advanced users. If you are an advanced user and you fancy to create new animated titles, then this tool is the right one for you. It provides advanced visual effects with which you can create an extraordinary home video with very minimal effort. Some of the advanced features include screen recording, PIP (Picture In Picture), video stabilization and advanced animated titles.

Ability to Share Created Work


How great would it be if you can showcase your home video to your friends instantly? Yes, Filmora provides this feature as well. You can now share your work with your close ones with just a few simple steps. It allows you to share your work on social media website like Facebook or transfer it to iOS or Android devices or even burn to a DVD for future reference. The icing on the cake is that the tool automatically optimizes the video clips to be compatible with the different channels on which it is shared.

Newly Added Features in Filmora 7.8

Wondershare Filmora got updated recently and the new release had some features which were really interesting and useful.

  • Color Tuning: This new version comes with advanced color tuning features which includes Temperature, Tint, HSL, Lights, Vignette and many more. It also supports loading 3D LUTs with 45 color presets making it a lot easier for tuning color of videos and pictures.
  • Pan & Zoom: New Pan & Zoom feature to adds in more customization option in animation of still images. One can set their own customized animation, font, size etc. and save as their own new preset.
  • Transition Controls: Additional transition modes to enhance the quality of videos without affecting its overall duration.
  • Ripple Delete: You can now easily delete a certain portion of clips by using a new feature known as Ripple Delete. It is highly user friendly and anyone without much of technical knowledge can easily make use of this additional feature.
  • Save Text & Filters: Customize text the way you want by making use of some of the top inbuilt features of Filmora and save it as your own preset which can be applied anytime.

So, If you are looking for a tool that is simple to use and yet has a rich feature set then Filmora from Wondershare is your solution. Being compatible with both Mac and Windows, this tool has none or very minimal setbacks to not to be tried. Download now and start creating beautiful videos. I hope you find this Wondershare Filmora Review useful; do try it and share in your experience.

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  1. I have not been able to register my product. Download has expired and the trial version won’t take my registration number. I have entered it correctly. Thanks, Beverly Stout


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