Wondershare iOS Screen Recorder Review


Screen recording isn’t any rocket science but when it comes to iOS it has always been a pain to record screen or mirror your screen. Thanks to Apple’s policy of not introducing any native apps through their app store to support this feature. So if you are one among the millions of iPhone or iPad users stuck without screen recording? Do you wish to mirror your mobile gameplay in a bigger screen and record the same? If you answer yes to these questions, then Wondershare iOS screen recorder is your need of the hour.

Wondershare iOS Screen Recorder Review

drfone-recorderWondershare iOS screen recorder is feature rich and has such a simple and easy user interface that everyone can start using it just with few clicks. It supports recording all your iPhone audio just with a single click. Using this software, you can now mirror your iPhone or iPad screen with HD resolution. The best part of this is that there is no lag or delay in your mirroring. Kudos to Wondershare iOS screen recorder for supporting this no lag HD mirroring feature. The software also allows you to customize different settings according to your needs and save those settings for future use.

Wondershare iOS screen recorder enables wireless mirroring for different situations like gaming, presentations and more It also helps your business where you can just start using iPhone for to present in your client meetings. It also helps developers who can now showcase their work or demonstrate their apps by real-time mirroring. It also allows for HD recording of any native apps, audio or video. It also helps students by allowing them to record their assignments and share them with their friends.

Users who have started using this software have given positive feedback and some have even mentioned it is the smoothest screen recording that iOS devices have seen thus far. It is also 100% secure which means your data is not shared or revealed to anyone else. Not only this, Wondershare never stores any of your data and thus does not have access to any of your personal data. The software supports Apple devices running iOS 7.1 or above. Want to hear something even good? It also supports the latest iOS 10 which means you can use this software even with the latest update. The software can be installed on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/9 and 10. It can run on a RAM of 256MB though 1GB or more will result in better performance. The software takes a minimal space of 200 MB on your system and thus will not lead to storage constraints.

My Take

So, what are you waiting for? Just install this software on your system and enjoy recording your iOS screen. Mirror your favorite games and play them on a bigger screen in HD resolution. Wondershare iOS screen recorder will never disappoint you and it is the one stop solution for iOS recording and mirroring.

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