MobileGo is the one-stop solution that allows you to control your  mobile phone (Android and iPhone)  in one handy place. Its  solid media manager helps to make it simpler than ever to download, manage, import & export your songs, pictures and videos with the press of a button, instantly, all-in-one place.

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  • Media management – Easy to import from computer to phone and backup data from phone to computer
  • Optimizing your phone – De-duplicate contacts, switch devices, manage your growing app collection, backup & restore and even send messages from your desktop
  • Advanced functions – let you retrieve damaged or lost data, and use the file manager to get into the core operating system files and root your Android device to grant you superior permissions for increased device functionality


Quick video overview

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Editor review:

– Going the Distance: the MobileGo Way of Optimizing Mobile Devices

In the ever growing segment of mobile management applications and software programs, the latest offering goes by the name of MobileGo. Claiming to be a one stop solution for all mobile organization requirements, it ranks high in the functionality department. But does it live up to all of its claims?

Basic Elements of the MobileGo interface: MobileGo features three important segments. They are, “My Phone”, “Super Toolkit” and “Download”. Each of these are specialized enough to serve different purposes. The segregation into different categories, with helpful navigational options, makes MobileGo an attractive as well as user-friendly interface.

The Entertainment Department: MobileGO features improved entertainment options, with a powerful media management tool that makes it simple to organize music, videos and photos. It allows one to download, transfer, and manage all the multimedia files with the touch of a simple button. Considering that it happens in real time, it would easily feature on a list of best multimedia management tools. With the download section offering access to built-in media content such as on YouTube, and the Toolkit feature effectively organizing all of the downloads, there’s much to be applauded in this section.

Data Transfer Utilities: To simplify the process, most proprietary devices come with a phone switch option but they are far from effective still. To escape this hassle of pairing, searching, and failing to complete the task at one go, one might consider MobileGo’s utility. Multiple options, including Phone-to-Phone, Phone-to-Computer-to-Phone, and Phone-to-Cloud-to-Phone are provided by the toolkit. The data transfer speeds, it must be said, are quite impressive. Moreover, wiping memory from the older phone, it enables effective and worry-free disposal for the same. 

Excellent feature set: One of the most important features of any mobile organizational tool must be the backup functionality, and MobileGo does a quite comprehensive job of it. With support for both iOS and Android and Windows, it provides a platform for devices all over the spectrum of available phones – be they HTC, Samsung or Apple devices. The only limitation must be that the software offers Wi-Fi (Android only) as well as USB connections, but no others (so best not expect NFC pairing or Bluetooth). MobileGo becomes a powerful technological instrument when wielded as a way of boosting speeds. Incorporating a cleaner and optimizer, it enables devices to run significantly faster. Particularly useful for clearing RAM space and junk files.

Advanced specifications: With the ability to recover wiped data, the software becomes more and more indispensable. Data analysis takes a little bit of time, but it miraculously manages to find


My mobile phone stopped running 1 day and i wanted to just take backup before delivering it to repair service. when i googled i got this Mobilego for Andriod i tried it its fantastic all my data apps, pictures were backed up and when my phone was fixed i was very happy to see it in the same state with all SMS, contacts photos and videos restored. Great program! – by Meenakshi

Waoh, I’m making use of trial version and it’s so great, I saved all my phone’s contacts from my SD card to my pc, send text message by using mobilego, directly from my computer, many thanks wondershare for this awesome software package. – by jorge

Wife damaged the screen on Samsung Glaxy s3 and cannot unlock the phone. There was many pictures and video clip on phone we’d to retrieve before delivering  phone for repair service. By using paid version software as free version expired we retrieved all data with no need of unlocking the phone. So we are quite happy indeed.


Supported Systems
Android from Android 2.0 to Android 5.0
iOS iOS 8/7/6/5
Nokia (Symbian) Symbian 40/60/^3 (Supported in using Phone Transfer)


Ways of Connection
Ways Wi-Fi (For Android only) or USB cable (To use Data Recovery and Phone Transfer, you should use USB connection)
Supported Outlook/Outlook Express for Importing/Exporting Contacts
Outlook Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013
Outlook Express Outlook Express/Windows Address Book (for XP OS), Windows Live Mail (for Vista OS)


Supported Audio/Video File Formats
Files Input File Formats (Supported by MobileGo) File Formats (Supported by Android) Output File Formats


System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 8.1/8/7/XP/2003/Vista
  • Processor: 750MHz Intel or above, or AMD CPU
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more
  • RAM: 256 MB or above


What’s New in the Latest Version

Version 6.2

1. Now, there is a forum where you can ask or share your opinion about MobileGo and mobile devices.

2. Supported erasing your Android phone and tablet permanently.

3. Enabled you to export and save contacts as a CSV file.

4. Empowered you to drag and drop photos to and from your Android phone or tablet.

5. Optimized the user interfaces of contact and SMS management.



3 Responses

  1. I downloaded mobliego for mac, clicked 14 day free trial to see how it works. It doesn’t do anything. There is a window that comes up showing my mobile device is connected, and nothing else. What the????

    1. What’s your phone model and what’s the specify task you want to get done? Please let me know. I will try to help.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for great review for MobileGo.
    MobileGo is compatible with both Windows and Android platform.
    It is part of WonderShare, a company which developed many useful softwares.

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