Wondershare Movie Style Pack Volume One Review

This awesome ‘Movie Style Pack Volume One’ from Wondershare will allow you to create amazing movies, especially with more additional visual effects. This well-designed movie styles, has many special high-impact extravagance, which are presented in 10 categories such as animations, transitions, Double Slide, Overlap, Old Film, Cartoons etc.

Wondershare Movie Style Pack Volume One Review

Wondershare Movie Style Pack Volume OneThis collective movie style pack aims to improve your movie style, thus it will make your show to stand out. It also provides many fantastic tools to take your show to the next level. On top of that, it would also help to enhance your videos and photos to be more attractive, as per your wish.

What is Special About Wondershare Movie Style Pack Volume One?

This Wondershare Movie Style Pack Volume 1, will certainly let the users to make more creative photo slideshow, with its wide range of animated styles. Styles are nothing but slideshow themes, consisting many pre-made backgrounds with well-designed transition effects, animations, Ken Burns’ kind of effects, movie like effects, etc. Hence, with the help of this pack, rendering your creativity and imagination to your pics and vids becomes endless.

This movie style pack enables the users to make unique slideshows with videos, songs, and photos, by making using of their eye-catching templates, over 110 of which are made available in it. And with a lots of new elaborated Hollywood movie style effects, you can simply able to work like a wizard with all your videos, photos, etc. Since it is easy-to-use and is compatible with various multimedia devices such as iPhones, iPads, etc., you can easily personalize your photos and videos by making better slideshows quickly, for any occasion, on the go.

Key Features of Wondershare Movie Style Pack Volume One

Dynamically Overlap Your Photos

Wondershare Movie Style Pack would allow you to add more than two photos dynamically, which gives a more attractive look and wonderful experience to the viewers. It automatically heaps the pictures added to the slide show, in separated layers. To change the sequence of the overlapping pictures, just move the layers to either forward or backward.


The animations effects such as colouring your photos; adding extra natural effects, etc. will bring in a great and attractive look to your videos. Everyone would love animation effects, as it offers a visual treat, when added up to our regular slideshow/videos. Thus, this option makes it to be absolutely well-liked by children. Hence, with the use of these animations effects, you can make a lively cartoon-like movies.

Double Slide

This Movie Style pack offers a stunning feature, where you could add a single photo on slideshows, and make it slide in double sides. This will certainly bring an innovative look to your movies and could make it even more unforgettable.

Old Film

With this handy software, you can establish an ‘old film’ like effect to your own movies with your memorable photos. This is an interesting feature that would fetch you lovely comments on any social media from your family and friends, when you share your videos added-up with this effect.


  • Easy to use, user friendly interface.
  • Contains more than 110 gorgeous slideshow templates.
  • Make slideshow with videos, photos, music without any hassle.
  • Available for all devices.


  • Less frame editing features.

I hope you find this Wondershare Movie Style Pack Volume One review useful. I strongly recommend you to try it and then share in your review about it. Also if you find this review useful then do share it with your friends online.

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