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When you are a teacher to a set of students, be it any age, one very important task is to test their knowledge and know if they are studying when they should be. The only way in which you can do this is by creating quizzes and tests that they could take. Wondershare is here with another one of its amazing creators, especially for teachers this time- Wondershare QuizCreator.

It has to be acknowledged that Wondershare QuizCreator has a comparatively lesser targeted public this time but its quality and features remain excellent. If you are a teacher, instructor or education provider, it will undoubtedly be the all the potential to be a really powerful tool. Wondershare QuizCreator is basically a comprehensive quiz wizard. Once you have thought of and jotted down all the questions, the program will help you organize and issue it – either to the QuizCreator Quiz Management System website, on the Internet as an AICC/SCORM, a flash quiz package for learning management systems, to CD, an EXE file or, finally, as a Word or Excel document.

Wondershare QuizCreator Coupon Code

You might be going crazy looking at the below features and might be tempted to purchase this QuizCreator. If so then you should certainly use our Wondershare QuizCreator coupon code to grab this software at a huge discounted rate. You can activate the coupon code by clicking on the below link.

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Wondershare QuizCreator Review

Easy Quiz Creation

Creating the quiz couldn’t be easier with Wondershare QuizCreator. You pick the quiz type – multiple choice, fill in blanks, essays and write the questions and answer options. You can enhance questions with insertion of images, Flash video and audio, with voice-over, text-to-speech, etc. one problem that you might normally face is that of not finding the proper symbols of Math and Science. But with Wondershare QuizCreator, you can insert these symbols with greatest ease.

Add multimedia to your Quizzes 

Wondershare QuizCreator enables you to add different kinds of multimedia devices to your quizzes to make them more fun as well as informative. In this manner your quizzes become more comprehensive and you can test your students on additional fronts.

Outstanding Quiz Settings 

This quiz creating application has settings that make your quizzes more illuminative and thought-provoking. It is now easy to add time limits and the feature of randomization to your quizzes. After your quiz takers have finished their first level, you can branch them to different sublets later based on their responses.  It is also possible to secure your quiz with passwords. For certain quizzes it is important to give instant reviews and feedbacks and with Wondershare QuizCreator you can do that too. 

Customizable Quiz Templates 

With Wondershare QuizCreator you can use customized templates for your quizzes. There is a set of attractive templates available which you can use. If these don’t please you, you can design your own quiz template with the features that you like. 

Result Tracking and Reporting 

Wondershare QuizCreator provides this feature which helps you to track results to specified email addresses. The results of the quizzes that your quiz takers take are sent to their respective email addresses making the job easier for you. 

Wondershare QuizCreator is a piece of art and an excellent choice for tutors and anyone in the teaching profession. Do give it a try and let me know in the comment box below if you found this Wondershare QuizCreator review of use. Also if you plan to purchase it then do certainly use our Wondershare QuizCreator coupon code to grab it at a huge discount.

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