Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder Coupon Code

Have you thought about purchasing a Streaming Audio Recorder? It enables record Audio from virtually any online stream.

An innovative sound recording software that allows you to record any digital audio source that plays on your computer such as online radio, music station, You Tube etc.

Well, Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder is an amazing product that complies with all the copyright laws and it has 100% legal validity. You will love its clear sound.

Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder Coupon Code

Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder is a must have tool and you can grab it at a discounted rate using our coupon code. You will get awesome discount on this recording tool, so for getting discount, (Click the discount link NO need to copy and paste the coupon code).


For Windows version

Original Price: $29.00 USD

Now only: $13.30 USD

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allmymusic-box-bgFor Mac version (Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac)

Original Price: $29.00 USD

Now only: $20.30 USD

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Top Features Of Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder

It Has One Click Smart Recording

You can arrange your online streaming music in a web browser and start playing the songs. The Audio Recorder will start recording and begins to split the tracks automatically. It will intelligently filter out all the ads during the process of recording. Only thing you have to set up the recorder and leave it to do the rest. When you return after a while you can see all your favorite music tracks saved nicely and neatly on your computer.

Do You Want to Personalize Your Recordings

You have to retrieve the metadata for the recorded tracks with the audio recorder. You can see that the details such as the name of the artist, album, and genre of the music embedded to the music file. There is also the facility to edit the tags, sync music to iTunes or manually split audio files for further customization.

It Has Smart Ringtone Creator

It customizes ringtones from your favorite songs in just a few clicks.

It Has High Audio Quality

The Audio Recorder adopts the configured sound card for recording and thus, preserving high audio quality.

It is Compatible With Top Sites

The system captures the audio perfectly from over 500 popular radio stations and online music sites including YouTube, BBC radio, iTunes radio and much more.

You will definitely love this Streaming Audio Recorder. It is a great product and works like a charm. The main facility is that you need not listen to same music CD over and over again.

Wondershare value your privacy and always try to protect the customer’s financial and personal data and provides the latest and advanced fraud protection.Wondershare provides support service which is available to assist you through instant live chat and email response within 24 hours. Wondershare offers money back guarantee also.


Wondershare streaming Audio Recorder is an excellent piece of entertainment that you can possess without many hassles. It is very affordable. It produces clear sound and you will love its performance in a great way. Moreover, it provides excellent entertainment to you and your family. The software is ultra modern and competitive and is well ahead from that of the competitors. The size of the recorder is compact and has a warranty of one year. Wondershare provides excellent support service, so that for any damages you can directly contact the vendor and avail of any services at any point of time. So do purchase this wonderful software using our Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder coupon code to grab it at discounted rate now.

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