Wondershare TidyMyMusic Coupon Code Review

We all love to listen to music, especially while travelling and the genres of music we listen to, varies based on our mood and ambience. It is a proven fact that listening to music alleviates our stress greatly. Hence, we tend to keep our iPods stuffed with all our favorite music tracks, to enjoy them on the go. However, when you have a massive music collection on your iPod or iPhone, it is quite common that a hassled quest arises when your search for a particular track, specifically you’re your iTunes got messy with song names and labels like ‘unknown artist’ or ‘track01, track02…’

Wondershare TidyMyMusic Coupon Code


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Wondershare TidyMyMusic Review

This application, TidyMyMusic from Wondershare comes for a rescue, to help you get over this snarl. It is a high-caliber tool that helps to optimize, enhance and shipshape your iTunes and local music library seamlessly.

What it has to offer?

The main intend of this tool, is to find, clean, repair, and even to auto-fix the inaccurate music info form your iTunes/local music library song collections. It also helps to update the music library with the optimized ID3 tags, in numerous devices simultaneously, making it easy to seamlessly identify the songs in your devices. Hence the significant advantage of this TidyMyMusic is that, it furnishes all the information of the songs including the name, album artwork, lyrics if needed and much more.

Key Features of Wondershare TidyMyMusic

The Wondershare TidyMyMusic comes in two different versions to be supported on both Windows and Mac Operating Systems. Let us look in detail, what it has to offer on both the versions.


  • Cleans all the unwanted files and also finds out the missing and faulty information on your iTunes like artist names, album, genre, lyrics and fixes them quickly.
  • Puts, various details such as mislabeled music tags, missing picture identifier, etc. in place automatically. By this, it gives your iTunes a pretty cool look, when all songs/albums features their original album artwork.
  • Patches-up all those spammy file names like ‘track 01, 02’ or ‘unknown artist’, to its accurate names in a single touch.
  • Once the song information are updated, it embeds the ID3 tags into the MP3 files, to make the updated song library, with exact file names, music info, and artworks; easily sharable to many other devices.


All the general functionalities and features of this tool is contained in the Windows version itself. However, when it comes to the MAC version, features some added bonuses too.

  • By using an advanced acoustic fingerprint technology, it can accurately find and add respective artist name, song name, album, genre info and many more.
  • It gives a complete makeover to your music collection by revamping them, replenished with missing/misplaced song name, artists’ information and album artwork even for the tracks that are not purchased from the iTunes Store.
  • Gives your iTunes playlist a best look, with a super cool outfit of relevant picture identifier to every song/album.
  • Enables to find and download song lyrics that can be instantly viewed. Thus, making the songs become even more meaningful, when you listen to it.
  • Automatically finds out and deletes the duplicate files. Howbeit, it will be done only after your confirmation, as it asks you whether to save or to delete, once a duplicate file is detected.
  • Carves-up the tracks by embedding and saving the optimized ID3 tags to MP3 files. So that it can be shared to iPhone, iPod and other devices.

How to Use Wondershare TidyMyMusic?

  • Add your collection of music to this program. By clicking the button “Import Local File”.
  • For fixing the incomplete details, you will have to click the Scan button. By the time you’ll receive a notification, displaying all the files including the duplicates, from which you can choose the songs that have to be fixed.
  • Once the scanning process is completed, all the fixed information are displayed.
  • You can click the ‘Apply’ button to make the changes or even edit those info before applying the changes.
  • A list of duplicate songs are also presented to you, so that you can delete them to avoid acquisition of extra memory space.


  • Cleans-up your iTunes by removing all junk and duplicate files from your iTunes.
  • Automatically patches-up missing or mislabeled information.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cost-effective comparatively.
  • Can even edit in it.


  • Not much. It is a very good tool though.

I hope you find this Wondershare TidyMyMusic review useful also I hope you use our special Wondershare TidyMyMusic coupon code to purchase this software at a huge discounted rate. Do try it and share in your experience by commenting.

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