Wondershare TidyMyMusic Review – One Click Music Optimizer

So, you decided to buy a wondershareTidyMyMusic? Wondershare TidyMyMusic optimize your Music Collection with just one click It also optimize your iTunes and local music library with just one click. It finds missing information for your music in batches.

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Wondershare TidyMyMusic Review

It Auto Fixes iTunes Music Data

TidyMyMusic is the best iTunes companion for cleaning up your music collection. Using its advanced acoustic fingerprint technology, it quickly fixes missing or inaccurate music info within your iTunes song collection including artist name, album art, genre, lyrics, and more.

Repair Missing and Mislabeled Music Tags

You can say a very goodbye to the messy iTunes. The complete song name and artist information are just a click away .

Quickly Finds Missing Album Artwork

TidyMyMusic can brighten up your iTunes library with the original album artwork and gives all your music collection an enthralling visual appeal.

Clean Your Music Library Once For All Devices

The updated song information, share your music with unlimited devices while still maintaining its updated music tag information.

Why Wondershare?

Wondershare value the customer’s privacy and protect your financial and personal data with well advanced fraud protection. Day and night support services are available. Their knowledgeable and experienced representatives are available for live chat and email responses.

How to use TidyMyMusic?

  • You have to select the TidyiTunes option in the left panel and click the “Add iTunes Library”. TidyMyMusic will instantly load all the music files saved in your iTunes. And it will automatically load the iTunes music library every time you restart the program.
  • You can also perform the scan-and-fix on the songs that are not saved in your iTunes. Select the “Tidy Music” option on the left panel and add the music files that you wish to fix to the program
  • TidyMyMusic will perform a quick scan on all the music files after loading the entire music library. The number of missing or mislabeled tracks that are needed to be fixed will be displayed in the menu on top.
  • Simply click the “Auto Fix” button on the top menu to start the fixing process.
  • After match-and-find cross-referencing with its music database, TidyMyMusic will show you all the tracks that have been identified in the process. You can browse and fix the detailed music info individually, or you can simply click “Apply All” to fix the identified tracks all in once.
  • Users can edit tracks that get failed to be recognized by TidyMyMusic, manually. Simply select one of the tracks in the menu and click “Edit” to edit the music info and album art as you wish.
  • Click “Finish” after you finished all the scanning and editing works. All the updated ID3 tags will be saved into the files. Now, you have a brand-new-looking music library with the complete music info embedded in each track. Enjoy!


Wondershare TidyMyMusic is a best product which optimizes your music collection and easy to your wallet. So if you need an all in one music optimizer then TidyMyMusic is the right one for you. Do try the trial version of the software and if you like it then do share it with your friends. If you have any query at any point of time then do let us know by commenting.

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