Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review


With multiple video converters available online and for sale on the market, picking up a reliable video converter can be quite daunting. After all, a super compressed and phenomenal video with that extra high resolution is no use if you can’t play it on whichever device you choose. Right? Thankfully, with the Wondershare’s wonder product – Ultimate Video Converter – you can now convert your videos into a number of formats of your choice.

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Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

2479-wondershare-video-converter-boxSo for those looking to convert a video to a format of their choice, this video converter by Wondershare is their ultimate tool! And it not just converts videos, it lets you edit, time and add effects too. The Video Converter Ultimate by Wondershare is not something to miss out, as it will not only solve all your video formatting problems, but will save lot of precious time.

Key Features of Wondershare Ultimate Video Converter

Ease of Use

With over 30 times faster speed than all the other video conversion software’s this tool is likely to become your favourite one for video conversions, with a no-compromise feature that keeps the quality of conversions remarkably high. Noteworthy is the ease with which you can use it as well.

Capture, Download, Edit:

Move on from the old school-video converters, as the Wondershare Ultimate Video Converter lets you to capture and download videos from the internet, a feature unique to this software, and also gives you the freedom to edit your videos in just a few oh-so-easy to follow steps!

Burn Files to DVD

The built-in DVD burner is a notable feature of this converter which permits you to get your job done in a few clicks, from converting to burning files into DVD.


Transfer videos without the hassles of USB cables. Stream from your PC to your smart TV or transfer files to your smartphones. The software permits you to do this without getting tangled in wires.

Multiple Formats to Choose From:

You can convert your videos to up to 158 formats! This ultimate Video converter is exactly what the name says – allowing you to make your pick and convert the desired video swiftly to MP4, MPG, WMV, 3GP, FLV, etc. In a sense, allow yourself a theatrical experience right at home within a few seconds! Needless to say anything more!

So how then do we weigh its pros and cons? Here’s a look:


This software is the ultimate solution to all your needs, from downloading, converting to burning the videos into DVDs. No need to install multiple softwares when you have Wondershare’s Video Converter Ultimate. This easy to use converter is quick and completes conversion of big files within minutes. Along with conversion, the users also get the option to edit and add effects if they wish to. Making visual presentations has never been so easy.


Are there any cons, you ask. Well, quality things come with a cost and so does this software. There are competing products available for free at a remarkably lower price, some of which are web based and need no downloading either. But the speed and quality offered by Wondershare is too impeccable. So for those of you looking for a cheap budget software, no, this isn’t the product you would look for.

So do we recommend you buy Wondershare’s Video Ultimate Converter?

Well yes! And you ask why? Well, the name says it all!

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate  is an all-rounder, with its forte being speed and quality. It not only converts videos of immense number of formats to again, endless number of formats, it also gives the users the option to edit and add special effects to their videos. To Burn a DVD, users will not have to install different software and can get their job done in the same window. This speeds up the entire process, saving a lot of time and energy. Not everyone is a tech-savvy, so this software is also recommended for those who are trying to get their hands on a video converter and editor. The interface is user-friendly and makes navigation easy for first-timers. All in all, this product is flawless and gives a smooth experience to everyone. A time saving product, this will surely give you an experience of a lifetime. Convert, edit, download, and share, Wondershare is the one-stop solution to all. Get yours now for a perfect experience!

I hope Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review helps you in taking the right decision. Do experience it and share your views in the comment box below.


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